Autumn Vandiver, parenting coach and speaker

Autumn Vandiver

Hello, I’m Autumn. As an early childhood teacher, parent educator, and parent coach, I’m ready to help you rediscover  (or find for the first time) ease and confidence as a parent.

I have a robust toolkit filled with skills I can offer you to increase your comfort and competence. No matter what you are facing in your relationship with your child, there is a joyful way forward. Click here to read what other parents have to say about working with me.

Build trust and improve communication with your child. Deepen your capacity to laugh, play, connect, and experience joy.

For Parents

Are you baffled by your child’s behavior and feel incapable of responding to them in a way that leads to more connection, trust, and playfulness? Do you feel exhausted by parenting?

In working with me, not only will you discover how to dramatically improve your relationship with your child today, you will begin to learn and practice the concrete steps you can take to grow that connection for the rest of your lives. Click here to explore the ways we can work together.

Help your child thrive in the classroom, improve relationships with peers, and develop a positive relationship to learning.

For Schools

I create meaningful presentations for parents, teachers, and school boards to inspire and engage participants in effecting positive changes in their relationships at home and at school. Click here for more information about my presentations, including a popular list of topics.

Let’s work together.