Parenting with Ease Coaching Package

Autumn’s signature coaching program is personalized to meet the unique needs of you and your family.

This eight week coaching program is ideal for parents that are feeling stuck in negative patterns with their child and find themselves struggling to get through each day with a positive connection to their child intact. The tailored curriculum is full of opportunities to discover your blind spots, claim and build on your parenting strengths, and learn how to best work with your own unique child. The work here is deep and helps strengthen the foundation of your relationship with your child, leading to a stronger and more positive connection for a lifetime. You will discover:

  • the obstacles and expectations that get in the way of your most effective parenting, and how to overcome them.
  • powerful communication and boundary setting skills that will immediately  improve your relationship with your child.
  • how to respond to challenging behaviors (whether yours or theirs!) in a way that brings more peace and cooperation into your home.
  • your parenting blind spots and what to do once you see them.
  • easy ways to work with, rather than against, your own and your child’s unique temperaments, stages of development, and needs.
  • how to maintain and continue growing your connection with your child in the years to come.

This highly supportive package includes:

  • (1) initial 60-minute “Check on Connection” kick-off session
  • (6) 60-minute in-person or by phone parent coaching sessions
  • (2) 20-minute on demand phone coaching calls for your stickiest parenting moments
  • Email support for guidance in between sessions
  • Valuable resources and useful homework assignments

For a limited time, this powerful coaching package is available at a rate of only $495 for individuals, or $695 per couple.

Let’s work together.