Autumn helped me zero in on my mission and values as a parent, and feel confident raising my spirited children according to those values. She helped me to approach parenting challenges with her clarity and wisdom, but also with her trademark sense of humor and the deep-seated belief that there is no one size fits all answer, in parenting or in life. 

Mackenzie C, parent of two

Parenting for me, a mom to three intense boys, has been a long, often difficult, journey. Autumn’s parent education classes taught me how to parent respecting my children’s needs, as well as my own; they showed me how to trust my own judgment and intuition; and they provided me with tools to tackle everyday challenges. They helped me to grow as a parent and a person. I highly recommend them to all other parents.

Maja Z, parent of three

The close, happy relationship I have with my two kids is a direct result of my work with Autumn.  Because of Autumn’s coaching, I have learned to see the root cause of the challenges I had with my children, and take steps to establish genuine peace and connection in our family. Autumn’s guidance has empowered me to parent my children with confidence. She has given me the tools and skills I need to continue on this path of parenting with deliberate joy and love, and I am forever grateful for the help she gave me. 

Anna I, parent of two

Autumn worked with my husband and me over a 9-month period as we sought to grow in our understanding of and ability to parent our 3-year-old son. She helped us observe who our son is and then to learn how to parent that person. We transitioned from a place of worry, stress, and fear to one of joy, advocacy, and gratitude. Our son’s struggles include sensory sensitivity, difficulty with emotional regulation, general spiritedness, and physicality, especially in engaging socially. Autumn helped us identify these areas and learn to appreciate the hidden gifts within each as well as the best way to support and advocate for our son when it’s hard. She is experienced, skilled, humble, perceptive, passionate, tender, and honest. You will be lucky to work with her.

Jenny B, parent of three

Autumn has a rare gift for fostering growth in both children and their parents. Autumn’s lessons were a mix of structured topics designed to help us better understand our children at their level of development, and field the myriad questions we had as new parents. Autumn did an incredible job helping us understand and connect with our kids, lessons that we continue to find invaluable now with our second daughter. 

Margo L, parent of two

In the two years I worked as Autumn’s assistant teacher in her preschool classroom, I witnessed her ability to work with parents to make the whole classroom community stronger and improve parent-child relationships. Autumn is insightful and compassionate, making her able to see things from both parent and child perspectives. This allows her to pinpoint parent strengths and areas for growth and help parents find ways to improve their relationships with children.

Leslie Z, parent of two, colleague

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